RGI Chef Instructor Class is the foundation for all other RGI culinary certification programs. In this 14-day hands-on training in all aspects of gourmet raw vegan cuisine, students learn to prepare delicious, nourishing recipes without giving up the flavor, texture, appearance, or satisfaction of the cooked dishes they love. A variety of popular comfort foods are prepared, including fresh garden forest kebab, kofte, hummus delihgt, pasta, enchiladas, wraps, quiche, breads, pies, cakes, candy, and other gourmet delights. Students also delve deeper into recipe development and recipe writing, flavor dynamics and gastronomy. The teacher training portion of the program includes organizing and presenting successful raw food demonstrations and learning how to give a professional culinary presentation.

RGI Chef Instructor Class is based on a standard of excellence and is highly regarded in the vegetarian, vegan and raw communities. This course is designed to assist one in achieving the highest level of competence, even though everyone comes into the program with a different level of skill and talent.

What You Will Learn:

  • Confident public speaking
  • Planning and presenting successful food preparation demos
  • Planning and organizing live food classes from A – Z
  • Finding potential venues and marketing your classes
  • Determining your fee structure
  • Finding potential venues and marketing your classes
  • Marketing and self-promotion

Use of kitchen equipment:

  • Knife technique: which knives are used for which tasks, chop, dice, mince, julienne, chiffonade, and various thickness’ and styles of slicing
  • Shredding devices: spiralizer, spirooli and food processor
  • Common kitchen gadgets: garlic press, vegetable peeler, apple corer, microplane grater, and zester
  • Mandoline/V-slicer
  • Food processor and various attachments
  • High speed blenders
  • Dehydrators
  • Various types of juice extractors

Food presentation skills:

  • Consistent portioning
  • Making and scoring crackers
  • Creating even, nicely fluted pie shells
  • Food processor and various attachments
  • Plating
  • Garnishing

You’ll also learn:

  • How to create various textures in a dish to enhance “mouthfeel”
  • How to choose ripe fruits and vegetables

Confident food prep of the following foods:

  • Variety of fruit and garden blends (soups), sauces, and salad dressings
  • Variety of fruit, vegetable, sea vegetable, nut, and seed dishes
  • Variety of classic dishes, including lasagna, enchiladas, teriyaki vegetables, burgers, quiche, zucchini hummus, dolmas, and more
  • Variety of pate’s, dips, spreads, and butters
  • Variety of nut/seed milks, creams, and sweet or savory cheeses
  • Use of wraps as sandwich substitutes: sushi, cabbage, and lettuce rolls
  • Variety of desserts including pies, puddings, confections, sweet sauces, candy, muffins, and luscious non-dairy ice cream

Prerequisites: Curriculum I – Curriculum II

Raw Chef Associate Instructor –  Curriculum III

The courses for this certification are:

  • Curriculum – I Raw Culinary art Creation Course
  • Get Your Knife Skills Module I
  • Get Your Knife Skills Module II
  • Raw Nutrition and Supper food Module I
  • Curriculum – II Raw Chef Associate
  • Get Your Knife Skills and Creative Cuts and Chops Module III
  • Raw Nutrition and Super Food Module II
  • World Cuisine ~ Recipe Creation and development
  • Kitchen Management and Sanitation
  • Curriculum – III Raw Chef Associate Instructor

(Length of Total Training: 14 days)

The schedule for 2022 – Curriculum III

Course Length: 14 days + 1 optional Practice Day after the last day of class

The course will include two open to the public workshops.

The workshops will give students the opportunity to prepare in advance using the knowledge learned in throughout the course to perform in front of an audience giving a taste of real life conditions.

Includes: breakfeast, lunch, dinner, class materials (binder) and certification

Dinner: 5:30pm

Tuition: $2,975.00

During this raw chef curriculum series, you’ll learn to prepare delicious, health-promoting, high-energy, raw gourmet foods without giving up flavor, appearance, or satisfaction!

Even if you are an expert professional chef, you will encounter a whole new world of food preparation skills that are specific to raw cuisine. If you are new to raw kitchen, you will become adept with knife technique and familiar with kitchen equipment and time saving gadgets of all kinds.

You will learn how to develop a recipe; combine herbs and spices to create new flavors without using recipes; balance textures and flavors within individual recipes and entire menus; sprout grains, seeds, and legumes; make luscious live non-dairy cheeses; combine foods for optimum digestion and nutrition; create raw variations of any food recipes; organize and manage a raw food kitchen, and much more!

You will learn to make familiar comfort foods, like pizza, burgers, lasagna, pasta, tacos, bread, pies, cakes, and even hand-made truffles! You’ll also learn how to organize and present successful raw culinary demos, and classes for groups of all size, how to find venues, market classes, and communicate effectively with an audience!

Each student will be given the option of presenting a culinary presentation to the restaurant settings with the class, culminating in certification as a Raw Culinary Arts Chef Associate Instructor.

You’ll come away from this program a more effective, better organized, more confident culinary presenter.

After this training, you’ll possess the skills and confidence you need to begin teaching successful classes immediately! Whatever your current level of chef skills, this program is guaranteed to take you to the next level in your culinary journey!

In addition to the above listed curriculum, you will have two 2-day segments of recipe development, where you will learn the importance of contrasts in flavor, texture, and appearance in culinary arts. You will learn how to plate food beautifully, and how to balance flavors to suit any palate. You will become adept at recipe development and recipe writing.

A unique 14-day Raw Culinary Arts “Chef Instructor” certification course will include

This course is designed to assist one in achieving the highest level of competence, even though everyone comes into the program with a different level of skill and talent.
(Curriculum I, and Curriculum II are prerequisites for this course.)

Raw Associate Chef Instructor Training Series (brief description of the courses)

Curriculum III Associate Chef Instructor Training

A14-day program where students learn to create a wide variety of comfort foods, including burgers, lasagna, enchiladas, cheesecake, and more.  Students also plan, organize, and conduct culinary presentations.

Advanced courses must be completed within 2 years of your Associate Chef & Instructor Training graduation date.

RGI Chef Associate Instructor Certification training takes students to the next level of confidence and expertise – exploring world raw cuisines, developing and writing recipes, transforming traditional cooked dishes into health-promoting gourmet raw cuisine, catering large events, and understanding the science of raw food nutrition.

RGI Culinary Arts Chef Associate Instructor Certification is based on a standard of excellence and is highly regarded prestige in the vegetarian, vegan and raw communities world wide.

Length of Training 30 days

What You Will Learn

  • How to use all kitchen equipment and appliances required in the preparation of gourmet raw vegan cuisine, including high-powered blenders, food processors, juicers, dehydrators, spiral slicers, mandolins, and other time-saving devices
  • Professional knife skills
  • Sprouting and growing young greens
  • Cultured vegetables (krauts)
  • Raw cheeses
  • Condiments
  • Breads, wraps, crepes, and crackers
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Non-dairy milks, creams, juices, and elixirs
  • Secrets of great salad dressings
  • Divine Desserts of all kinds – candies, pies, cakes, puddings, cookies, tortes, and ice creams
  • Pates, dips, spreads, and wraps
  • Soups and smoothies
  • Appetizers and entrees
  • Pasta making
  • Ethnic foods of all kinds
  • Spa and weight loss cuisine
  • Holiday and celebration foods
  • Flavor dynamics and flavor balancing
  • Recipe development and recipe writing
  • Cooked recipes to raw conversion
  • Setting up your raw food kitchen
  • Easy meal planning
  • Catering parties and events
  • Science of raw food nutrition
  • Importance of organics
  • Composting, recycling, green living
  • Food design, garnishing, plating
  • Sanitation, Hygiene and food safety
  • Importance of familiarity, color, texture, flavor, and love in foods
  • Community building, unconditional support and shared values
  • Writing and introduction, bio, and press release
  • Charting and organizing recipes, menus, and classes
  • Using assistants/li>
  • Creating demo cards
  • Pacing and sequencing
  • Pricing your classes and services
  • Becoming a dynamic speaker
  • Organizing professional raw food classes
  • Marketing your classes and starting your own business
  • Coaching and personalized training
  • Time management and goal setting

Support Materials

Students gain access to the Cousin’s Incredible Vitality kitchen and Dining room as well as the green Oasis Juice Bar Additional Information

This is a hands-on program.
– Information on kitchen set-up, equipment use “how-tos” of living food prep from A-Z.
– Several recipes and dishes in all categories will be showcased and prepared with lots of
yummy samples to try and knife skills/safety will be discussed.
– Confident public speaking
– Planning and presenting successful food preparations and charting
– Planning and organizing live food classes from a variety of themes
– Finding potential local and national venues
– Determining the fee structure of your new endeavour
– Networking with potential students and others interested in live foods
– Marketing and self-promotion
-eginning your own raw journey, (catering, cafe or restaurant, etc.)

Raw Gourmets International Culinary Arts Institute Chef Associate Instructor is based on a standard of excellence and is highly regarded in the vegetarian, raw/vegan communities.
Training includes certification as a “Raw Culinary Arts Instructor Chef“.